DC Template (Based on DCMES)

Use a pipe (asa. vertical bar) character " | " to separate multiple creators, contributors, subjects, formats, identifiers, etc.
(Find it above the "\" on the right side of a keyboard.)

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Creator (Last, First M. or from a name authority) (Link to VIAF)

Subject or keywords (Link to LCSH | Link to FAST)




Date (yyyy-mm-dd, yyyy-mm, yyyy)  

Type (Recommend to use DCMI Type Vocabulary

Format (Recommend to use the list of Internet Media Types (MIME))

Identifier (URI, URL, DOI, ISBN, ISSN...) 


Language (Select a value from the three letter language tags of ISO 639

Relation (A URI of another resource) 

Coverage (Spacial and temporal coverage of the content)  

Rights (A statement or a link to a statement) 

© Template created by Marcia Lei Zeng , Kent State University, for teaching purpose, 2013-present.