Chapter 7. Metadata Quality Measurement and Improvement

Chapter 7 section titles

7.1 Quality of Metadata
7.2 Meeting the Functional Requirements
7.3 Quality Measurement with Different Granularities
7.4 Measurement Indicators: CCCD
7.4.1 Completeness
7.4.2 Correctness
7.4.3 Consistency
7.4.4 Duplication Analysis
7.5 Metadata Evaluation
7.6 Enhancing Quality of Metadata
7.7 Entity-level Quality for Reusable Metadata

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1. Search a digital collection's portal (e.g., https://nsdl.oercommons.org/ or http://europeana.eu/portal/ ) using different queries (e.g., "mars," "mars exploration," or "WWII" and "Second World War"). If there are duplicate records, analyze and determine whether they are true-duplicates. Find and examine a set of records that describe the same resource.
2. Write a brief, well-structured report about your findings. Discuss how the overall metadata quality could be improved and what the barriers for quality improvement are. Attach the records that you corrected or enhanced, and mark your corrections or additions on the original records.


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