Chapter Readings, Quizzes, Exercises

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Part 1. Fundamentals of Metadata

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Current Standards

2.1 Metadata for general purposes

2.2 Metadata for cultural objects and visual resources

2.3 Metadata for educational resources

2.4 Archival and preservation metadata

2.5 Rights management metadata

2.6 Scientific metadata

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2.7 Metadata for multimedia objects

2.8 Metadata describing agents

Part 2. Metadata Building Blocks

Chapter 3. Schemas – Structure and Semantics

Chapter 4. Schemas – Syntax

Chapter 5. Metadata Records

Part 3. Metadata Services

Chapter 6. Metadata Services

Chapter 7. Metadata Quality Measurement and Improvement

Chapter 8. Achieving Interoperability

Part 4. Metadata Outlook in Research

Chapter 9. Metadata Research Landscape


Appendices: Sources and References

A. Metadata Standards -- Metadata schemas, application profiles, and registries

B. Value Encoding Schemes and Content Standards

C. Glossary (see textbook)


Bibliography (see textbook)